Maybe Someday

Maybe I can’t make you fall in love with me. I don’t think that you even want to fall in love. Feeling love is one of the things we deny ourselves most of the times…but maybe I can make you think about me on a normal day while you drink coffee and doodle in a napkin. Maybe you will throw it away but not without smiling first. Maybe I will never know about it. Maybe someday you call me and say in the most casual way “I thought about you today” and then I would know I’m making progress. I’m not asking for every day of the rest of your life but a minute in your heart.

I want you to think about me without needing a reason why…the same way I think about you and smile. Maybe someday life will surprise us with a “you know what? I love you” and with  “I love you too”. That day you will know that not everything is lost, there are feelings  that are always there inside our soul waiting for the person to make them come out (even for just a minute) from inside our hearts.



  1. Love is intense. You’re optimistic and that’s beautiful. One-sided encounters can be challenging but when they work out its beautiful. Sometimes you have to go for what you want despite the odds or what others may think of it.

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  2. When you have someone you mean the world to them and they think about you in every single step they taking in their lives simply because they don’t feel or live anything or any moment without you in it.
    When you are a life to them, hero, and lover. 💚 All you need to do is just looking at their eyes and see the love they have for you
    And give a hug which gives you a real feeling of how much love they have for you 💚
    I love you 💚💙

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