Something To Be Thankful For…

Thankful for all the great people in my life and the part of the journey we shared… the ones that are still here with me and the ones who aren’t anymore, they left behind experiences that shaped my life in some way.

To the ones who decided to stay – friends and family by blood and bond – thank you for helping me write the story of my life, doesn’t matter if it was a page or a chapter. Last but not least… I’m thankful for the brave people who decided to love me: you know who you are.




    1. I am always thankful. We don’t need a special day to be grateful about the good things that come our way. I always tell people how lucky I am to have them in my life, but I guess there’s always days that remind us to say it.



      1. for me, it’s not about being thankful. rather it’s a pace of life thing. life moves too quickly. if we don’t take advantage of the moments than we’ll miss on other moments as well.

        so it’s not that I’m not appreciative or ungrateful, I would simply rather enjoy what’s in store because I know I don’t have much left

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